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The rap that should get recognized

Kevin Brian Herrera Lopez, Staff Writer

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  The old school rap or that rap with a message should get recognized, nowadays the community is promoting “trash”. The new hip-hop (rap) music that the community chooses to promote isn’t good for the new generation, it’s sad to stand by and watch as people are really just promoting music that has a rapper mumbling to a beat (Lil Uzi). Over years the hip-hop Industry has gone from bad to worse, as rappers are producing music with no real message. Some example of this “rap” music I call “trash” are Lil Uzi, Designer and, Mike Sherm as these artists are producing music to people that most don’t even recognize the lyrics to. There are so many good songs out in the music industry that it hurts to see the community promoting an artist yelling at the mic with a certain language that kids at the age of 7 and down shouldn’t hear. An artist that recently just blew up and people started giving him attention was XXXTENTACION, this artist literally blew up for yelling into a mic the whole song talking about “that little B… got her throat F…!” I don’t like where the hip-hop industry is going with this “garbage” artist are producing nowadays, artist are really making bank off of the things they produce and the public isn’t realizing what this can mean in a couple years where kids at the age of 6 are growing up to dudes really healing at a mic about “harassment”. It is amazing to sit back think about how people like that are really getting big, all because the community decides to give him/her attention. People nowadays are promoting songs do to the tone of the song, because I am almost certain I can bet 1000$ any person you ask won’t know the lyrics. This article I decided to write out of an idea I had is my opinion so people shouldn’t really care about what I say cause that’s what I think and I can care less about what you think, c’mon man think about it!

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The rap that should get recognized