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My name is Makayla Stowe and I am a senior at Del Mar high school. I am the EIC (editor in chief) for the Del Mar Perspective and my goal for this class is to make our school newspaper the best it can be. While a student at Del Mar for the past three years I have come to notice that sports are a huge part of my life. I started playing softball my freshmen year and it has become a lifestyle now. Softball is the only sport that I play at school but outside of school I help coach my younger brother’s baseball team and work at Campbell Little League. I also used to help out whenever I could with my brother’s old flag football league. Helping out at those leagues made me realize how much I like to take care of kids. I do a lot of babysitting for families that I have come to meet from the leagues and it makes me happy to be around little kids and help their parents out when they need it. I also spend a good amount of my time writing short stories and poems. I find writing a great way to express yourself and relax while letting your mind flow onto the paper. I plan to do just that with the Del Mar Perspective. I want it to show the story of our school and express the feelings of its students and staff members. I look forward to being apart of it this year.

Makayla Stowe, EIC

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