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Hi! I am Caitlin Jafferies and I am a senior this year at Del Mar. I have 1 older brother that graduated from Del Mar in 2015. I have grown up with animals in my house all my life. This has impacted me a lot, giving me a softer outlook on life in general. My mom is also a huge part of my life. For the last about 5 years we have pretty much been best friends. I go to her with all my life problems I may run into. My family also loves to travel. We go on about 2 to 3 vacations every year. My family in general is very adventurous.My family calls me the little daredevil because I always love to take risks if its going on scary rides at an amusement park or if its extreme sports like snow skiing or ATVing. Since I was little my family has always went to concerts. I am also a part of the Del Mar swim team, and have been since freshman year. I do really enjoy being a part of the Del Mar swim team because of all the amazing people that I have met through it and also just being able to get in good shape while still having fun. I am all in all a very friendly and adventurous person.

Caitlin Jafferies, desk editor

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