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My opinion on the age restriction for games

Kevin Herrera, Staff Writer

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Have you ever thought about what the right age for any rated M game should be? Do you think it should increase or decrease, well I’m about to talk to y’all bout that?

The topic I will be talking about today is should the legal age increase/decrease or stay the same to play or buy any rated M games.
My first argument is going to be about what I think the age should be and why. My second argument is going to be about if the mature age were to drop it shouldn’t go lower than 14. And my last argument is about why the mature age for rated M games should stay at 18.
The legal age for mature ratings can be debatable but I’m just here to talk about why they should just leave it at 18.

Ok so personally I don’t the age for rated M games should go higher or lower because the mature rating is to keep kids from watching stuff in a game that they shouldn’t be watching.
There are games like GTA, black ops etc. where if you were to play it the images shown in the game are not for everyone they involve killing even prostitutes. This is why most people argue about what is the right age for kids to play rated M game, there’s always a limit for everything but it doesn’t mean the limit should be 18 well it really just depends on the fact that if you would want your kids to see that kind of stuff in a game that is why the mature rating is there to let parents know.

My second argument is if the age for the mature rating were to go down it shouldn’t go any lower than 14 for the reason that some kids get nightmares due to the visuals they are seeing. Most parents actually don’t like what these games that their kids are playing but it doesn’t mean they can’t play it so some parents can argue that video games don’t affect their kid and they are having a good time playing it some actually recommend it.

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My opinion on the age restriction for games