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Apollo Missions 8,11,15,17,18,19,20 And NASA

NASA JSC Electronic Imagery

NASA JSC Electronic Imagery

James Alan McGettigan, Staff Writer/ Film Editor

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“Thats one small step for man.” Those were the words said by Neil Armstrong before the real apollo mission took place during apollo 11. And the real questions we have to ask ourselves about all the apollo missions are, why did we go back as many times as we did, why haven’t any other countries been to the moon, and why did we stop going after going so consistently for 14 straight years. In this article I’m going to do my best to piece together the answers to all of those three questions and maybe more using facts, apollo conversations, and footage.

During the first apollo mission that landed astronauts on the moon, not too much can be said on wether or not they had alien contact face to face, but they definitely saw something that was not manned by human beings. the video below shows the conversation that supposedly occurred when Armstrong and Aldrin were exploring the landscape of the moon. This video describes what Armstrong and Aldrin really saw and how they responded. You only really need to watch about the first five minutes, unless you want to know more about the conspiracy.

Not only did Armstrong confirm this event to be true but also Otto Binder, who was a member of NASA’s space team when “moon walkers Aldrin and Armstrong were making their rounds some distance from the LEM” and In 1979 Maurice Chatelain also confirmed this event to the public. Chatelain was the former chief of NASA’s communication system and said “The encounter was common knowledge in NASA but nobody has talked about it until now.” He also said that this was one of many occasions when apollo 11’s radio transmission were interrupted.

Now, there are more than just weird lights on the moon. There are actually old structures left behind from an old civilization that may have once lived on the moon. Neil Armstrong caught some footage of the interior of one of these buildings on the moon. This footage is in the link below.

The footage is sketchy I know but thats probably because NASA mopped it up a little bit and made it that way, or the footage is just really old. But are there not some sequences where the footage is clear and the structures are viewable. I’m not saying the footage is real, I’m not saying it’s fake but its interesting. The image below is supposedly what the astronauts of apollo 11 walked into. And thats just one of the many cities that exist on the moon.

Just look at all of that complex detail on the larger building, notice the sunlight shining on the structures and look at the shadows. See how they have an identical shape to the structure. But also notice how the smaller structures are blurred out sort of. Which could lead one to believe that this image is faked. But what if we could make those smaller structures, clearer, or enhance the focus. The next image below is the result of when we do that.

The result is that we get clearer images, more complex detail. And if this picture was photoshopped we probably wouldn’t be able to see the more clear focus effect that we are seeing in this image. And we most certainly wouldn’t be able to see this next image in such a clear focus.
Now what is that, not only does it look like a city or some strange cluster of junk on the moon but it also looks like there may be some space craft there in the front middle of the shot.

But Armstrong and Aldrin were not the first astronauts to see weird things on the moon during apollo 8. 1968 December 21st, was one of the first manned missions to the moon. And the astronauts actually saw UFOs on the surface of the moon as they orbited around it. It is said that upon arrival to the moon the astronauts had sightings of UFOs code named santa clauses. And this is ironic since this mission took place very close to christmas. The video in the link below confirms all that I have described and more, if you start it at the 10:00 minute mark.

Between the time of apollo 12-14 not very much happened that we can draw conclusions from, as to wether there was any further lunar alien contact between the astronauts and whoever occupies the moon. But there most likely was some form of contact or further odd findings that went on during these missions. Theres just no information that is publicly known about it. But in 1971, toward the end of July, apollo 15 took place. As astronauts David Scott and James Irwin walked the surface of the moon during this mission they supposedly found multiple alien ships that were like these big finger or cigar looking objects. Such as the one in the image below.

Now most people believe that this image is just a hoax. But if if I’m not mistaken the next image below is a shot of the same ship or at least one similar to the one above.

In this image it’s more evident that there could be an alien ship or ships on the moon. Notice the angle that the cigaret looking ship makes with the surface of the moon and how it blends in with the rest of the surroundings on the moon. Also, take a look at the odd detail on the craft, it looks like theres a tube or a rocket thruster looking engine in the upper left extension of the ship. Theres also some odd symbols or aspects on the ship that appear to be part of a larger image. And look at the right side of the image. The sunlight outlines the back of the ship. For me, if I had to take an educated guess, I’d say that this photograph is very realistic, given the resolution and the quality of the image. And there appears to be something very special about this image to someone, because its not a very easy image to find. It took me almost an hour to find it on the open web after looking through many apollo 20 mission photographs. More on apollo UFO images in the link below.

When apollo 17 occurred no one expected it to be the last mission that NASA would launch. What they did know, was that it was a mission of geological survey, sampling of surface materials, and surface features. It was also the first apollo mission that included a scientist that was one of the members of the crew. Harrison Jack Schmitt, an American scientist who earned his PhD in geology from Harvard University in 1964. But thats beside the point.

Yet it seems increasingly odd that the last apollo mission took with it the very first scientist to walk on the moon. Which brings us to the common theory that apollo 17 was a mission meant for a meeting, between humanity and whoever or whatever it was that had been stalking us during the previous apollo missions.

Which then sort of connects to another theory of how we were being tested by extra terrestrials, or distant relatives of our own species. The test was to see if we were worthy of being apart a bigger community of other species in the universe. Because if you think about it, if there really are extra terrestrials out there in the unknown they’re not going to want us throwing nukes at them, or causing any other mayhem to their communities. Which brings me to the outcome of our test, and the result was failure. We showed that we were capable of very little change and that we were not persistent enough to claim our right to expand among the stars.

This theory, to me, seems very realistic in terms of us being tested by extra terrestrials and the extra terrestrials judging us to see if we were ready to become a part of the wide open range of the universe. If we were truly tested in such a way, if we truly had an opportunity to meet an advanced race of beings that had been shadowing us on these missions but freaked out in the process then maybe people truly aren’t ready for the truth. The video in the link below is classified footage from apollo 17 and how the astronauts reacted at the meeting.

fast forward to about 50 seconds:

What caught me in this clip, was the high resolution of the footage. I mean its no hollywood film being played on a movie screen, but if you compare this footage with other apollo moon mission footage, you’ll notice the difference. Now in this footage you might think its a little fake because it looks like the camera drops, but if you knew anything about astronaut space suits you would know that the cameras are attached to them with an adjustable stand that can move side to side, up or down and is attached on the space suit in the chest or stomach area. So, what do you think, is the footage real or fake?
And there you have it, those are the apollo missions, that the public knew about. But even though apollo 18 was canceled in the year 1973, NASA still had plans to launch apollo missions 18,19, and 20. Theres even recent studies that there might have been an apollo 21 mission that was launched, but there isn’t enough evidence at this time to suggest that that mission ever really occurred. However there is plenty of evidence to suggest apollo missions 18,19, and 20.

During apollo 18, the actual mission, there is evidence to suggest that the film might not have been so different from each other. Based on a quote from a former NASA employee, it sounds like there was an apollo mission and that something terrible occurred. Stanton Friedman, a former NASA employee said “people ask why was there no apollo 18 mission. I ask what happened to apollo 18 and 19? They were both paid for and astronauts were trained, what happened to these missions? One of the things the secret keepers take advantage of ego. I’m not saying that the footage exists. I’m saying its possible that there’s a whole classified side to this and that it would make sense. I allow for that possibility.”

Ok, so this guy doesn’t say anything too big on the subject of the actual apollo 18 mission. But he does acknowledge the fact that an apollo 18 did happen when he says “I’m saying its possible that theres a whole classified side to this and that it would make sense.” So the question we have to ask ourselves here is, does this guy know more than what he claims, because the way he says that sentence sounds like he’s claiming to know that there is a classified side to this story. Then he suddenly says “it would make sense,” but make sense to who? And what exactly is he referring to that would make sense? Its just one of those big mysteries, but it is suggesting that something that supposedly didn’t occur actually did.

Another source said that it was a joint U.S and Russian mission that occurred to find out what happened to one Russia’s cosmonaut ships. And for those of you who don’t know a cosmonaut is basically a Russian version of apollo. This particular cosmonaut was said to have been “exploring the dark side of the moon.”
4 astronauts were sent, 3 of them walked the moon while the other remained on the ship. When the 3 moon walkers got to the crash site, that one astronaut who stayed behind recalls hearing “screaming and obvious struggle.” Due to the situation, without confirming the death of the moon walkers, the surviving astronaut fled back to earth. The identity of the surviving astronaut remains to be a mystery to this day.

Apollo 19 went to the next level and it seems as though the space agencies felt like they were at war. Apollo 19 was a search and rescue mission. “It was believed they might be able to survive long enough in the in the lunar lander for a rescue mission to be possible.” And of course “they” are the missing three astronauts. However when apollo 19 landed on the moon and searched for the three missing astronauts the astronauts of apollo 19 found no bodies in the disassembled lunar lander. But it is said that “they managed to retrieve the research equipment, including cameras, before immediately leaving the moon.”

Then sometime between apollo 19 and the reviewing of the recovered apollo 18 footage NASA found “a large ship docked on the dark side of the moon.” Apollo 20 was meant for NASA to get a closer look at the docked ship. The link below is a video of what the astronauts of apollo 20 supposedly found.

Now there are a lot of people who believe that this footage is a hoax, that the apollo 18,19, and 20 missions are just stories and that NASA isn’t all that secretive. But no one outside of NASA knows anything for sure. However a man named William Rutledge, who was a part of the apollo 20 team, confirmed this event to be true. He explains that the lunar alien found inside the crashed U.F.O Moana Lisa was retrieved from the moon. And that when they found her body, it seemed as though it was in some form of coma or hibernation sleep. In his words “a state that was neither dead or alive.” On one occasion when he spoke openly about Moana Lisa Rutledge said “She is not on the moon, she is on earth.” The video in the link below can confirm this and more.

Beyond that it seems that the apollo missions had ended, but NASA’s space program never stopped in exploring the mysteries of our solar system and maybe even beyond. We see evidence of this in apollo missions 18,19 and 20, but not hard evidence. However, a man named Richard Hoagland studies and proves these things as a profession. Hoagland points out that everyone thinks of NASA as a civilian space agency. Which basically means that they are obligated to share information and findings, that they collect, with the public.

When in reality under section 305 of the enabling legislation, it clearly states that NASA is a defense agency of the U.S. Which means that no matter what they find, if it posses a threat to National security or the collapse of control that our government has on us, they have every right to keep what they find a secret. He said “this section refers to technology, not only terrestrial developed technology but obviously under the law, if you read it… if NASA found extraterrestrial technology, under this section of the act, it would be classified because this agency is not a civilian agency.”

George Keyworth, a presidential science advisor said “all government agencies lie part of the time. But NASA is the only agency I know that does so routinely.” I guess that begs the question of who is in control of secrecy and who has more power in these areas, our government, or NASA? Although we do know that NASA and our government work together, which begs more questions.

Hoagland says that under section 205 of the enabling legislation, it clearly states that any information which has been classified by reasons of national security cannot be published in any report by NASA to congress, to the press or to theres of us.

He also states that the reason why Kennedy was assassinated was because he was exposing too much of NASA’s secret plans to go to the moon. So if it hadn’t been for kennedy, we still would have gone to the moon, but it wouldn’t have been broadcasted to the public. Then after a while he was willing to share our apollo technology with the Russians as a sign of respect and an attempt at ending the cold war peacefully. Which of course didn’t sit too well with NASA. And on the date of 1963 November 11th Nikita Khrushchev, the president of Russia at that time, had accepted Kennedy’s proposal. Then 11 days Kennedy was assassinated. So its obvious that Kennedy had no true intension on making the apollo missions a race to see who could get to the moon first. And he was so close, not just uniting us with Russia, but with the whole world. Because according to Hoagland’s research Kennedy was going to make the apollo technology open to everyone in the entire world.

In January of 2004 president bush said “today I announce a new plan to explore space and extend a human presence across our solar system. We will begin the effort quickly using existing programs and personnel.” This was the first time in 32 years where anyone had talked about going back to the moon and restarting the apollo program, but why? According to Hoagland, he says it was because other Nations in the world have developed the technology to go to the moon, possibly beyond, and could make public broadcasts or whatever they want.

During the apollo missions it is said that there was a higher risk of sun burn and radiation poisoning to the skin. Now the astronaut suit took care of a majority of the body’s protection. But wandered what the deal is with the gold visor on the helmet. Hoagland says that not only does it protect the astronaut’s face from getting sun burned but also so that the astronauts could see “structures” on the moon. He also states that human beings’ sight peaks in the yellow-green area of the electromagnetic spectrum and “the human eye sight goes from around 4,000 angstroms down to 7,000 angstroms and the green-yellow area is where the sun’s output is highest. If you want to see something in the other colors of the spectrum you have to knock the yellow-green light down so that your eye can see whats going on in U.V or I.R.”

This is important because basically due to all of the radiation and light quality from the sun on the moon, those visors on the helmets of the astronauts allowed them to see in a U.V spectrum of sight to see structures on the moon. Or as Hoagland says is “glass like, semitransparent, scattering geometry, scattering blue light. Which tells us that it must be fine particle, fine stuff, micron sized with various imperfections.” Those are the words he used to describe the picture below.

He also says “everyone knows you cant see stars from the moon, the bright things are not stars, they are shinning bits of glass, scattering sunlight. Hoagland also has evidence of the astronaut’s memories of being on the moon have been “altered.” There have been reports from numerous astronauts where they cannot remember the sensations nor the feelings of being on the moon. But they can still remember what they saw and what they did. The video in the link below contains footage that Neil Armstrong took when he saw those strange lights and more.

Hoagland once talked to a man named Robert who was an architect and Hoagland presented that image to him to see if he could create a digital 3D structure of the image. What they found was this cubic or rectangular structure. Unfortunately I could not find an image of this grid model but my source that I received the information from has an image of the grid model. If you go down to the one titled Richard Hoagland presentation and fast forward to about 1:27:37 you will see the image. Now Hoagland said that this structure was made of glass. And he says this is possible because “most of the lunar surface is silicon dioxide and glass in a vacuum is ten times stronger than steel.”

Richard Hoagland Presentation:

The Truth Behind Apollo 18

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