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G.S.A Club!

Claudia Gomez, Staff writer

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The club G.S.A ” Gay Straight Alliance” is a club that supports gay rights, people with different perspectives and are willing to make society a little bit better. I think having this club at Del Mar is great and it certainly promotes equality among all of us.This club its a great example of how Del Mar students really are. It shows a great image of Del Mar high school, and I believe all of us are proud we have  such great people like this. Esther Scholtz [12], a member of  G.S.A club believes the club is an awesome place to socialize and meet new people, “It’s pretty cool, it’s valuable to the school because it provides a good social environment, it has potential to do great things this year.” She also said the club was going to do the things they didn’t get a change to do the last year, “We are going to do the film festival night, raise money and do the penny drive “, which consists of telling people about the cause and then asking  if they are willing to donate  whatever change they have or want to share. She also said that her plans for this year were to, “reach the goals they have in mind.” The club is going pretty well right now, and we hope that it keeps going this way!

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G.S.A Club!