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The consequences of cheating

Kevin Ishikawa, Staff Writer

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No matter how smart you are chances are you have cheated in some way or form in school. The fact of the matter is cheating is extremely tempting. While cheating may be beneficial in high school because of the lowered chances of getting caught, if left unchecked it may lead to adverse long term effects and expulsions from colleges.

Cheating by definition is representing someone else’s work as your own. Over the last couple of years the percentage of high school kids who cheat has risen dramatically. In the past usually kids only resorted to cheating when they were struggling and even then they only cheated to get by.  It’s considered a social norm to cheat and whereas students in the past cheated when they were struggling, students today do it simply because it is a common thing that the majority of all students do. This is because grades are more important than education in our society.

In high school cheating is rarely caught because there is only one teacher per 30 students and they really can’t monitor everything. Additionally students are very unlikely to rat out others for cheating because they would be isolated by their peers for being a “tattle.” Studies show that ninety percent of students have cheated at some point in high school. Of those surveyed almost all of them said that they did not believe that cheating was a big deal because it wasn’t affecting anybody.A further incentive towards cheating in high school is that if you are caught chances are the punishments will not be that severe. Cheating is simply seen to most students as a means to a profitable end.

If you are someone who cheats and is planning to go to college just know this, cheating in high school and cheating in college are not the same at all. As a freshman you will be introduced to the honor code. if you fail to obey this code and the consequences will be bad. If you are caught cheating in college you will lose all credibility with professors. Credibility goes a long way in college because it can be cashed in later for help, internships, scholarships, and even jobs. Most professors have been working for many years so they know what to look for in cheaters. They have more time and more resources at their disposal. If they suspect you of cheating they will investigate it.

In many cases cheaters are expelled. Often times the credits that they received during their time at the college will be completely dropped. A high school education is, for the most part, funded by taxes but a college education is funded by your family. Getting expelled from college due to cheating is a huge waste of money and time because you will still have to pay the colleges the amount you owe them without reaping the benefits of a good education. There was one case where a college senior was found cheating before graduation. He was admitted to the school on a full scholarship. Because of his expulsion his scholarship was redacted and he had to pay for it in full. On top of that all of the work he had done in those four years did not count.


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The consequences of cheating