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  • Ms. Kenzler

    Ms. Kenzler

    Julian Reyes, Staff Writer

    September 30, 2015

    “My students now this year are very eager to get in and start cooking” Said by Ms.Kenzler. Ms.Kenzler is the new Foods teacher this year here at Del Mar; she is easily one of the most passionate teachers we have here at our school. “I’m really hoping to grow the program, getting a cooking club,... READ MORE »»

  • Ms. Schutzengel

    Ms. Schutzengel

    Julian Reyes, Staff Writer

    September 3, 2015

    Ms.Schutzengel is our new Physics teacher this year, she teaches Physics and Physics honor. She is new to teaching here at Del Mar, but she has also spent some time teaching at Castro Valley high school. "I really like the overall sort of atmosphere here at Del Mar. The thing I like best about being... READ MORE »»

  • Cosmetology & Esthetics

    Cosmetology & Esthetics

    Felicia Reynolds, Student Life Editor

    May 28, 2015

    Are you interested in all things beauty and make-up? Well The Salon Professional Academy is offering full time and part-time classes, so if you don't have any summer plans yet, and want to learn about make-up artistry, hair, nails, and more head over to www.thesalonprofessionalacademy.com or call admiss... READ MORE »»

Homecoming court

Julian Reyes, Staff Writer

This year’s homecoming game is almost here!! At the homecoming game, the homecoming queen and king will be announced. The nominees for homecoming queen this year are: Jade...  Read More »

October 2, 2015

ICAP classes

Julian Reyes, Staff Writer

Here at Del Mar, the school can offer students a wide variety of courses. Last year was the first year the school was finally able to offer ICAP courses; it had a huge effect...  Read More »

October 2, 2015

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Homecoming Rally

Kaitlyn Keller, Staff Writer

This year there was a change in the way that homecoming was done. The homecoming dance happened the week before the actual rally and game. The rally started off with a sizzle when the senior class ran in screaming "1, 6". Of course half the class were just trailing behind in the back.  Once everyone was situated, the rally kicked off. Our theme this year was Disney. ...  Read More »

Oct 2

Six week Grading period

Taylar Bacolini, Staff Writer

For returning Del Mar students, six week grades comes at no surprise. But for all new students, whether they have transferred or are new to high school, it is a check in to make sure you are on the right track to graduating. If your are the type of student who checks school loop every day then your grades should come as no shock when you get them. On the other hand some...  Read More »

Sep 28

Club Rush Big and Bold

Kaitlyn Keller, Staff Writter

This year's club rush had started out with a bang! This year we had over 10 clubs out in the quad out to show off their clubs. Students lined up for some of the known clubs such as Key Club and Club Everytown. This year our clubs will stand tall as they make Del Mar proud. While going around to the different clubs many students were whispering about which clubs that they...  Read More »

Sep 28

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Song of the Month

Hermila Torres, Editor

Hermila's song of the month for September is "A lalala long" by Bob Marley. Why is this my song of the month? Well I wanted to take it mellow and I wanted to take it classical...  Read More »

September 22, 2015

Song Of The Month

March 11, 2015


Song of The Month

January 8, 2015

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Are you safe, or are you being watched?

Are you safe, or are you being watched?

Brandon Martinez, Staff writer

You are at home playing a game on Kinect, or skyping your friend late at night. You turn off the webcam so you can go to sleep, except your webcam isn’t really off. Recent...  Read More »

September 30, 2015

Will we find a cure for cancer?

September 28, 2015

In March 2014, Doug Heil was at his j...  Read More »

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